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Wellbeing for Life Service

Your wellbeing is about your happiness, your health, how involved you are in your community, the opportunities that are avail...


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Local charity seeks new volunteers to work with families and children of prisoners on Teesside

Nepacs, a long standing north east charity, which runs the visitors' centre at HMP Holme House at Stockton on Teesside is see...


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Sponsoring a Commemorative Bench

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPONSOR A COMMEMORATIVE BENCH IN MEMORY OF A LOVED ONE? Trimdon Parish Council is purchasing a number of n...


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Road Safety

Trimdon Parish Council is delighted to support the work of local resident, Peter Charlton, with his campaign to improve road ...


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Safer Homes

Do you know that the fire services, police and county council can provide free advice and resources to help make your home sa...


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Trimdon Community College Association

Trimdon Community College Association aims to provide educational, leisure and recreational opportunities to the surrounding ...


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Do you know of anyone who is a victim of Cyber-bullying? Some surprising data was revealed recently by’s cyber-bull...


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If you’re interested in your local NHS and would like to get involved in the work we do to develop and improve local health...


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Put a Spoke in Cycle Crime

Durham Police is tackling cycle crime - simply take your cycle to any cycle shop in County Durham, or contct your local Polic...


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Wellbeing For Life Service

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