Want to know what's going on in your village? In this section you can view the Parish Council’s forthcoming events and find out more about other activities that are taking place.

Wellbeing for Life Service

Your wellbeing is about your happiness, your health, how involved you are in your community, the opportunities that are available to you, and the overall quality of your life.

The wellbeing for life service is here to help and support adults to make changes to improve their wellbeing. You may want to: give up smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, drink less alcohol, meet new people, learn new skills, and will get free support in doing so from your local health trainer. Your health trainer for Trimdon Grange and Trimdon Village is Jamie Measor and can be contacted on 07711 590 423 or at

Alternatively, there is a weekly drop in session at the Village Library 1.30-2.30 on Tuesdays, a fortnightly drop in at the Village Hall and a new weekly drop in will be starting at Trimdon Grange Community Centre Mondays 9-10 from 7th November. Feel free to come along to the drop ins to get any further information and to chat about making a positive lifestyle change.

Local charity seeks new volunteers to work with families and children of prisoners on Teesside

Nepacs, a long standing north east charity, which runs the visitors' centre at HMP Holme House at Stockton on Teesside is seeking new volunteers to help support families and children of prisoners.

For more information please see the attached poster.

Sponsoring a Commemorative Bench


Trimdon Parish Council is purchasing a number of new benches to be located throughout the parish. If you would be interested in sponsoring one of the benches please contact the Parish Clerk on 01429 880224 or email

The cost of the benches various depending upon the location – for more information please refer to the Memorial Bench Policy.

Road Safety

Trimdon Parish Council is delighted to support the work of local resident, Peter Charlton, with his campaign to improve road safety in his community. Peter has designed Posters that are currently displayed in the Parish Council Noticeboards.

For more information please follow the attached link.

Safer Homes

Do you know that the fire services, police and county council can provide free advice and resources to help make your home safer from fire and crime. Please see the attached poster for more information.

Trimdon Community College Association

Trimdon Community College Association aims to provide educational, leisure and recreational opportunities to the surrounding community.

The College is also the venue for meetings of local groups. Trimdon Community College has a Social Club with a licensed bar. This, as well as some of the College’s other facilities, may be hired for commercial or private functions.

For more information on the work of the College telephone 01429 881521


Do you know of anyone who is a victim of Cyber-bullying? Some surprising data was revealed recently by’s cyber-bullying guide. For example 90% of polled teenagers choose to ignore cyber-bullying on social media. Another interesting fact is that nearly one third of all cyberbullies have been cyber-victims themselves at least once.

This information might help parents gain deeper insight about the reality of internet bullying in the era of digital sophistication. This guide also includes advices from’s parenting community on the topic "how to identify different types of cyber-bullying and how to protect your child against it".

Click here for more information.


If you’re interested in your local NHS and would like to get involved in the work we do to develop and improve local health services then join MY NHS.

See the attached Poster for more details.

Put a Spoke in Cycle Crime

Durham Police is tackling cycle crime - simply take your cycle to any cycle shop in County Durham, or contct your local Police Beat team and they will security mark your bike for FREE, and add your bike details to a national database.

See the attached Poster for more details.